Yes I Can! Awards

The Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children's Yes I Can! Awards Committee is already hard at work in preparation for an exciting Yes I Can!! awards celebration to be held at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg on February 18, 2016. Our goal, once again is to recognize students from as many of our school divisions as possible throughout Manitoba.

You are encouraged to recognize individuals in the categories as outlined including the student Yes I Can! Awards and Certificate of Recognition by completing the appropriate nomination forms, attaching the required documentation and sending the information to your School Division’s Student Services Administrator/Coordinator by September 25, 2015. Your School Division will then forward all nomination packages to the Manitoba CEC Awards committee by October 16, 2015.

Yes I Can! Student Award Application (DOCX 152 KB)
Certificate of Recognition Application (DOCX 154 KB)
Educator of the Year Application (DOCX 148 KB)
Educational Assistant of the Year Application (DOCX 152 KB)
Educator of the Year Application (DOCX 148 KB)
Outstanding Achievement Application (DOCX 51 KB)

Yes I Can! Full Package, including instructions to Student Services Administrators/Coordinators, School Administrator/Classroom Teacher/Student Services Personnel may be downloaded here. (DOCX 239 KB)

For information or clarification, please email Joanna Kaptein at or Barb Melnychuk at .

Helping us promote the awards and sharing this information with school teams within school divisions is appreciated. It also would be a great idea to identify possible candidates as soon as possible to facilitate the Friday, September 25, 2015 deadline for schools to get their nominations in. Thanks again for recognizing the accomplishments of our students and their families.

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