Children and Youth Action Network (CAN)

Welcome to MCEC's Children and Youth Action Network (CAN)

Here you will find the tools needed to begin or enhance your advocacy campaign on behalf of students with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. Everyone is encouraged to take action and become a part of the political and regulatory process.
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What is CAN?

MCEC's Children and Youth Action Network (CAN) is an organized group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping advance policy affecting students with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CAN seeks to (1) effect the necessary governmental changes at the local, provincial and federal levels which will make possible the implementation of CEC policies relating to the education of exceptional children; and (2) to further vitalize CEC units by providing meaningful vehicles for membership and CEC public visibility.

MCEC's Policy Initiatives

  • To liaise with and establish a pilot project at the Children's Advocate office
  • To increase the profile of "lost children" (children who have dropped out of school) with Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth (MECY)
  • To advocate for more and better mental health supports in schools
  • To work with the Manitoba Teachers' Society and MECY for the certification and qualifications of resource, special education, and guidance personnel and qualifications of educational assistants who work with students with exceptionalities
  • To increase the membership and effectiveness of the MB Children's Action Network and establish contacts with other Canadian CANs
  • To survey MCEC's membership on policy issues
  • To organize a public forum on (a) topic(s) relevant to the public and MCEC

CAN Links

More information on the Children and Youth Action Network can be found on the web site.

How can I become active with CAN?

There are many ways to help support the goals of CAN. Below are some of the ways to help advance policy affecting students with disabilities and/or gifts and talents:

  • Continue to monitor MCEC's website for breaking news and information
  • Join MCEC's Public Policy committee
  • Email your members of the Legislative Assembly - and tell your family, friends and colleagues to do the same!
  • Sign up with CEC's Smart Brief for the latest news sent directly to your inbox three times per week by visiting

Who should I contact for additional information?

For additional information on CAN, please contact Rik Charambur via email at .